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Digital Camera: Buyers Guide

Why buy a Digital Camera?
35mm Cameras vrs. Digital Cameras

Print this page and give it to anybody that needs convincing in switching to a Digital Camera.
There has not been a revolution in the photography industry for over 150 years as massive and significant as the development of the digital camera. Join the revolution.

35mm Cameras
(Old Way)
Digital Cameras
(New Way)
You don’t need a computer.You need a computer to manage and store the photos you have taken. There are some specialized printers that will allow you to print directly to them for those that donÒt have computers but then your print becomes your only copy of the photos as you have to delete the photo in your digital camera to make room for more new photos.
Generally a 35mm Camera costs less than a Digital Camera. The price of 35mm Cameras are not getting much cheaper.Generally it costs more to buy a Digital Camera. Digital Cameras are however getting much cheaper and better and this trend will continue for some time. As everybody knows the digital world gets cheaper, faster and better.
Taking photos costs money. The more you take the more it costs. You have to buy your roll of film then you have to pay to develop your film. If you donÒt pay to develop your film you canÒt see your pictures.Taking photos are free. You buy your memory storage once (Memory Card) and keep reusing it after you have downloaded your photos to your computer.
You must be patient and wait. You can not see your photos until you get them back from the developer.Instant gratification because you can immediately see the photos you have taken with the display screen on your Digital Camera.
You must rely more on your photographic skills because you donÒt know what your photo will look like until you get it back from the developers.You donÒt need to rely as much on your photography skills because you get instant feedback using the display screen as to how your photo turned out. If you donÒt like it then just shoot it again. Or if in doubt just shoot a whole bunch of photos because after allÅtheyÒre free. You just keep the ones you like and delete the rest.
Making copies or your photos cost money, time and a trip in your car.Making 100% exact duplicate copies of your photos is free and as easy as three clicks with your mouse.
To take the red-eye out of your photos or to manipulate them requires special equipment and often it is easier to scan the photo in to digitize it and then use software to manipulate it.To take the red-eye out of your photos or to manipulate them is fun and easy with lots of readily available software. Make silly photos for the kids or serious alterations for work.
This is the computer age. The pictures you take are not ready to be emailed to a friend, client or used on your webpage. You must pay for the film, pay and wait for the photos to be developed and then pay to digitize them using a scanner. Once digitized you can use them on your computer.Your photos are instantly ready to be emailed to your friend, client or used on your webpage.
You have quality 4Ô x 6Ô prints of your photos.If you want 4Ô x 6Ô color prints of your photos you need a color printer. You will need to pay someone to use their printer or you can use your color printer at the expense of the paper and ink. The quality of your 4Ô x 6Ôàprints depends greatly on the type of printer and paper used. Most $300-$400 home ink jet printers can do a pretty good job but are not the same quality as 35mm 4Ô x 6Ô developed prints. However you can pay developers at cheap prices to develop your digital images using their professional equipment and paper to achieve very comparable results.
If you want quality prints larger than 4Ô x 6Ô you can easily pay the extra money to have your developer make large quality prints.If you want quality prints larger than 4Ô x 6Ô it will depend on a lot of things. The size of photo you can print depends directly on the maximum resolution your Digital Camera can take, the quality and technology of your Digital Camera, the quality of the printer and paper and the method or process used to create the prints.
To produce the very best high quality large format professional photos (were cost doesnÒt matter) requires an expensive 35mm camera that will be cheaper than its equivalent Digital Camera. As a rough comparison a $5,000 35mm Camera might cost you $10,000 to $25,000 to achieve the same large format quality from a Digital Camera.To produce the very best high quality large format professional photos (were cost doesnÒt matter) requires an extremely expensive Digital Camera. At least $10,000+. However that being said Digital Cameras are getting much cheaper and better and this trend will continue for some time.
You are limited to maybe 36 photos at the most before you have to put a new roll of film in.Digital Cameras hold far more images than the traditional roll of 24 or 36 images. The number of photos your Digital Camera can hold before you need to download your photos to your computer is only limited by the size of your memory card, the resolution of your images and the file type it is saved as. To give you an approximate idea, a Digital Camera set to take quality 8Ôx10Ô photos (1,600 x 1,200pixels) can take about 240 photos (JPEG) with a 160MB memory card. When set to 640 x 480 pixels it can take about 2,400 photos.
Most people store their photos in boxes and some are more organized and take the effort to buy photo albums for storage, organization and presentation. You must also organize your negatives so you can match them to the photo you want enlarged or duplicated. In reality how good are we at doing that? How many of your photos are organized in albums and sitting on your coffee table right now? When you are not at home can you access your entire family photo collection?Organizing, storing and finding your photos is much easier in digital then with prints. You donÒt have to crawl up in the attic or dig around in the basement to find those print photos because these days thereÒs usually a computer in front of you. In itÒs simplest form you can glance at hundreds of thumbnails of your images to quickly find what you are looking for. You can make copies of your photos to create albums in their own folder. On a more sophisticated level you can use Digital Camera software packages to attach keywords to your images to search your photo collection. Because you own a computer and computers are everywhere these days, your photo collection is just a click away when using any of the web albums or your own personal website.
How do you ÓbackupÔ your 35mm photos? House fires, floods, theft, earth-quakes, etc. happen and so to be very safe you should keep your negatives away from your prints so that you donÒt loose everything in a disaster. Who does that? The family photos one looses in these disasters is often the biggest loss, they are irreplaceable and insurance canÒt cover sentimental value and memories. You could scan all your photos to digitize them but who is going to do that?Backing up your photo collection is easy. House fires, floods, theft, earthquakes, etc. happen. Your photos are in a digital form so copying the files (photos) to a CD and storing that CD in a safe place off of your property is relatively easy to do. For example keep them in a safety deposit box at the bank or at your best friend or parentÒs place. You can store thousands of photos on a CD so it takes up no space to do this. It is just a matter of you doing it and it is easy to do. Also it is not uncommon for harddrives to fail and if that is the only place your photos are stored you are out of luck Ö back-it-up! You can also upload your files (photos) to numerous different place on the web for free.
When you get your prints back from the developers you discover you took a great shot or a dozen great shots at the party or family outing and now everybody wants a copy of them. To get them copies you have to organize who wants what photos, wait for the development of the prints, then deliver it to your friends and co-workers and collect the money from them for development or pay it yourself. Thanks.You took a great shot at the party or family outing and everybody knows it right then and there because you can show it to them on your Digital CameraÒs display screen. You can then email as many copies as you want to everybody as soon as you want for free. You can also upload your photos of the occasion for free to numerous web albums and then your friends and co-workers can view them and download them or even use the printing services of the company hosting the web album to print whatever photos they want.
How many times have you taken a great photo of a friend and they really want it. You give them the print and lie to yourself that someday youÒll develop another print of it to replace it. You never do.How many times have you taken a great photo of a friend and they really want it. WellÅjust email it to them.
You are travelling and want to send photos back to your friends and family, what are you going to do? Mail them, probably not. Your friends and family will have to wait until you get back home to see them.You are travelling and want to send photos back to your friends and family, what are you going to do? If you can get to a computer in a cafù or photo shop that will allow you to download your photos from your digital camera your set. If you have a laptop with you its even easier. You just email your photos (such as web mail) to your friends and family.