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Digital Camera: Buyers Guide

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Popular Photography
As low as $0.83 per issue!
Want to learn how to take the perfect picture? Maybe improve upon your skills in the darkroom. Popular Photography will answer all of your questions and help you to become the best photographer you can be. Clear and concise instructional pieces, reviews of the latest techniques and technologies, and, of course, great photography make this publication a must have for photographers of all levels.

As low as $0.83 per issue!
Whether your a novice, hobbyist picture taker or a seasoned photographer of many years, Photographic magazine is the right shot for you! As the #1 photographic magazine, Photograhic offers photography lovers expert advice on equipment and techniques. YouŻll look forward to every stunning issue!

As low as $2.00 per issue!
Explore the exciting new world of computer photography with PC Photo. Shows you how to enjoy the exciting and affordable new world of computers and photography. Every issue features step-by-step instructions, evaluations of the latest equipment, tips from the pros, and more! Make your computer your own one-hour photo lab- it’s easy and fun!

As low as $1.58 per issue!
You might not be Steven Spielberg, but with Camcorder magazine, you can at least get a beat on the newest in video recording technology and techniques. Video camera news and reviews, computer video, editing and special effects are just some of the features that each issue provides. It doesnŻt matter if you are recording a short film or a simple home movie, Camcorder will help you achieve the best results.